Get Cheap insurance quotes in Florence CO 81290

Get Cheap insurance quotes in Florence CO 81290

BEST ANSWER:  I might suggest that you visit this site where one can compare rates from different companies:


Do you have health insurance?

if so, how much does it cost per month, How old are you? what kind of deductable do you have?? Feel free to answer also if you don't have insurance."

Do you believe medical insurance should pay for breast implants?

Vasectomy, chiropractors, accupuncture, penile enlargement, orthopedic shoes? Why? Have you used it for such?"

Give me a genral idea of how much car insurance would cost me?

Well cost my parents. I'll be sixteen this April but I won't be getting my license until July. I want to get a Mustang GT 2005 or 2006 but I think it somewhat falls into a category of a sports car so it raises the insurance right? What would be the difference between me driving that or a 2003 BMW? Oh and is there a difference between driving insurance and car insurance? Thank you so much! (And for the record I'm not some spoiled kid, I've been saving for this car for a very long time with money from my lifegaurding job)"

Free health insurance for the unemployed?

i am unemployed and have no health insurance. is there a program in pa. where i can get health insurance for free or at a very low price?

Get insurance on car if title not in my name?

I am wanting to make payments to a freind for this car until it is paid off. The title is in his name, can I get insurance on it for myself even though the title is not in my name?"

Car insurance in massachusetts?

im gonna buy a $700(ive checked it out its a good deal, shutup) 1996 honda civic dx(its a first car, i hate hondas but im not rich like half of the assholes that are gonna make fun of me for getting a honda) anyway i live in massachusetts and i know insurance will be a variable but does anyone know how much itll be when i start driving? thanks"

How much would insurance be for a seventeen year old female driving 1999 Chevrolet?

I am sixteen i turn seventeen soon. My grandma will not keep me on her insurance About how much will insurance be for me as a 17 year old female driving a 1999 Chevrolet

I need health insurance quick.?

I need to get health insurance. I have no job and No income so i have no way to get health insurance. I went to the state to get health insurance and I was not eligable for Medicare. I live with my father and I qualified for another health insurance through the state but I have to pay full premium because my father makes just over the amount they classify as POOR. Im 18, with a serious blood disorder (Hemophilia) and no doctor will help me w/o health insurance. Is there any other health insurance or help I can get?"

Cheap health insurance?

How can i get very cheap health insurance? i am 18 yrs old, i go to school and i work at a place that doesnt have insurance and i really need to go to get my teeth pulled and i need to go to the doc for my stomach... how can i get free or very cheap health insurance?? cause i have no money!!"

How much can Insurer charge me to SALVAGE my OWN CAR?!?!?!?

Some background first, i was hit from behind whilst stationary in traffic the other week by a works van. the damage was not too sever that i couldn't limp back home (sore and car bashed but still alive) got the other drivers details at the scene and reported the incident to my insurance company. As the accident was not my fault my insurer passed this to their dedicated Non-Fault (NF) accident claim company (i'll not name them at the moment) who in turn provided me with a hire car and collected my car to have it assessed for REPAIR. At no point was writing off the car mentioned. Then i got a call from the garage dealing with my car (NF appointed) a week later telling me of the damage and repair value and that the engineers working for the NF, different company again, were going to deem the car a write off, CAT D as i later found out. Now the fun part - the engineers have made an offer for settlement and to write off of my car, which is a good 500 below what is would cost to replace it with a like-for-like car in my local area (replace cost circa 2.8k-3k) they are adamant they will not repair my car even though the repairs would cost LESS than the write off - because the repair is too close to the market value and they can make a killing on salvage apparently. so fighting this out at the moment. NOW FOR THE QUESTION: They have advised me that should i wish to keep the car after they write it off (which i want to avoid if at all possible) i can accept the settlement and pay them a salvage fee to retain my car. This i understand as technically they buy my car when they write it off and then i have to buy it back. The problem is that they have a flat 30% !!! salvage fee which on their offer would almost negate me being able to get the repairs covered. What i really need to know is if anyone else has been in this position and if there is a maximum salvage fee they can charge - bearing in mind that this is my car to start with - and if there is any way i can make them drop this percentage. Forcing them to drop the percentage might not only let me repair the car after retaining but might also swing in favour of repair instead of write off if they cannot justify such a big payout for themselves. Any help here would be appreciated fast as i'm still bouncing between the parties here to get this resolved. In case your wondering the damage constitutes a bumper rear panel and a kink in the boot floor - VERY repairable."

Health insurance for college student?

I'm currently a full time college student at 19 years old and looking for affordable decent health insurance. I don't work right now either and am still paying off a 2k dental bill with the money i had... (sigh) any good plans? (im in southern california by the way)

Can Geico ever higher the payment for monthly?

i've recently been a member of Geico and would like to know if they would ever higher the payment monthly than the usual payment they gave u the first time applied to geico insurance for my car. they just recently sent me with a large bill instead of the usual bill i pay. why was i billed with a large payment when i only have just one car to pay. have u had that issue with Geico?

Car insurance......?

if you have full coverage car insurance and you get into an accident but its the other persons fault and you get your car fixed by your insurance do your rates go up? what if the other persons insurance pays for the damage to your car do your rates go up?

If i got a car as a gift and dont have insurance and a car hits me is that ok?

my friend gave me a car and i dont have insurance, but a guy hit me this morning, will his insurance pay for it?"

Do you have to bring your car with you to get insurance?

Im buying a car tomorrow from a towing place, and I know that I can't get my temp. tags until I get insurance but if I can't drive it how do I get insurance?"

Will getting a speeding ticket and losing my license affect my insurance rates?

I lost my license for 3 months and got an $800 fine unfairly (see below for details) for doing 80 in what was previously a 50 zone and because I'm on my Ps the fine was totally way high :L But anyway I paid the ticket right away but now I'm worried it'll affect my insurance rates? It's my only ticket ever and I have no idea if it even affects insurance rates but I'm really worried too worried to call and ask them because they might not know until I tell them D: I live in NSW Australia BTW if that helps you answer (read this question if you want more details on the incredible audacity of the sneaky police:;_ylt=AookRsU6pku7l6KJOtSFGcTsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20121113121907AA9izHx)

Teen car insurance!! ?

im 15 and getting ready to buy my first car. i really want to know about how much my insurance will be. im getting a 2001 toyota celica and i live in north carolina and im a girl. can anyone please help?????

"Can I get affordable life insurance for 200,000 or more?"

Can I get affordable life insurance for 200,000 or more?"

"In California, does my employer have to give health insurance if i am full time?"

In California, does my employer have to give health insurance if i am full time?"

Insurance california?

hi I'm an international student who goes to college in Iowa. I have a college insurance and I guess it convers most of meetings with doctors. Now, I'm taking 3 months-summer session at University of California. I think I 've heard some stuff that I need to have Californian insurance to stay here. What is this? Is it wrong? Plus, my wisdom teeth is coming out recently. It starts to hurt. Does insurance in America covers dental work?"

How much is small business insurance?

Hi I am doing a project for school and I was wondering how much insurance is for a small business. It will be a temporary food vendor. I am looking at owner, liability, product liability, and auto insurance. I just need an estimate if you could help. Thanks!"

How much will car insurance cost me if im 16 and getting a Scion Tc?

- 16 Year old ; Male - Just got my license - From Massachusetts - Took Drivers Ed I'm looking at a Scion Tc. The money I have saved up is there for the car. I am just worried on more

"Where can I get cheap car insurance? I'm a first time driver (female, UK)?"

I passed my driving test last month and im about to buy my first car. But I have not got a clue about car insurance. Where can i get cheap car insurance for a female, first time driver?"

Whats the insurance rate for a dui person in california?

25 years old,07 dodge charger.. i live in pomona ca. 1st dui what am i looking at for monthly insurance payments?"

"Selling Car, how to do a test drive with no insurance?"

I'm selling my car but it has no insurance or a plate. I live in Alberta, Canada. I know people would like to test drive the vehicle before buying it, is there a way to do this legally?"

Get Cheap insurance quotes in Florence CO 81290

Get Cheap insurance quotes in Florence CO 81290

BEST ANSWER:  I might suggest that you visit this site where one can compare rates from different companies:

"Just found out I'm pregnant, I need health insurance but...?

What are the best plans for me (Im 23 and live in CA) I want to save as much as I can. I've looked at Kaiser Permanente and Anthem Blue Cross but Im lost.

"How much would car insurance be if i'm 18 years old, own an audi A5?"

I live in Ontario, i never been in an accident and do not have a criminal record. i am just looking for an estimate number of how much it would cost."

Car insurance estimate dispute?

I recently was bumped into in my parking lot and am trying to settle with their insurance company for how much the repair fee would be. I took it to one place and it was around $2100 with damage to both the front and back door (they said the front door would need to be replaced). I spoke with their insurance company and they said I needed to take it to their place to have an estimate. I took it to their place, and the guy asks me if I was going to have it repaired their or somewhere else. I told him I would get it repaired somewhere else, which meant I would get a check he told me. He inspected it and told me that there was a 50-50 chance it would need to be replaced on the front door so his estimate was only for $1300. He said if I go get it fixed and they say it is more, that their insurance will pay the difference. This sounded to me like they are trying to say if you want the cash you only get $1300. What should I do? Should I try to negotiate with their insurance company for the difference or get more estimates that say I would need the new door? I would like the check, but I feel like I am getting ripped off since it would take more to actually fix it more than likely."

How to deal with car accident with no insurance?

FYI: this falls under New Mexico laws I drove a small 2 door honda civic and was on my way to school. There was alot of traffic being it was around lunch time and i was approaching an intersection when this dodge durango came out of nowhere and tried to cross in front of me. (I had the green light) I tried to brake and swerve but my driver side front end hit her passenger front end. I didnt have insurance at the time of the accident and she came and said it was completely her fault and that she went because the other drivers were waving her to go ahead and go. She was 19 with no DL so ended up getting 2 tickets. I, on the other hand,didnt get any tickets and took an ambulance to the E.R. being i was having bad chest pain so my husband emptied the car because it was pretty much totalled. So, since ive never been in an accident before, what steps can i take to make sure she pays for this? I have a disabled husband, a 6 year old child, and now without a car with injuries i cant afford to have right now."

Driving with no insurance in Florida...?

I have a question about driving without insurance in the state of Florida. I am a 20 year old college student that cannot afford $483.00 a month in car insurance. If I cancel my insurance and drive without insurance and get in an accident that is the other persons fault, what is the worst that could happen to me? Can they sue me for all I have? If so, what if I have nothing besides the car that is on a loan for $17,000. -If they don't rip us off with the gas prices, they'll be certain to get us with the insurance."

Arizona Law on insurance pulling your driver record ?

does anyone how long (in term of years) can an insurance company pull your driver record? i know here in Arizona i can pull my record from for 39month. but some people tell me they can pull up to 5 years from your record.

What is the best life insurance?

I wouls like to make sure that my partner and my mother are safe if something happens to me. What is the best insurance? Also: Does life insurance also cover critical illness?

How much would car insurance cost?

how much would car insurance cost for a 16 year old guy driving a 2006 pontiac g6 4 door 2.4 liter engine

(UK) What does group 5 mean for car insurance?

My boyfriend is looking for a new car, he found a nice rover something or other and he wants to know how much insurance will cost he searched on the internet and found the exact car he had viewed the day before and it said insurance group 5 can anyone shed some light on what this means Thank you Oh and does anyone know how big of a job it would be if the head gasket is blown? (the head gasket hasn't blown but rumours are rovers are prone to blown head gaskets and i was wondering how big of a job it would be to fix) Thanks"

Whats a cheap affordable classic for a young man?

im 20 had my lisence for over two years but i can never afford insurance! i dont live with my mummy and daddy so i cant blag there insurance, and i also cant borrow money from them! so if you have ideaas for me i would prefer a TAX exempt classic? any ideas? thanks"

Kit car insurance at 17?

Watching an old top gear episode where they showed an mr2 (love em) converted into a ferrari, something like a 430, they said that his premium decreased. I called up an insurance company today, im 17, looking to buy a toyota starlet and transfer all the panels from a glanza v onto the starlet but nothing from the engine bay, so it would be classified as a kit car? but no where near as high risk as not having better performance parts or the turbo added. The end result was me spending ages on the phone and them saying they wouldnt insure me, even though it is a kit car and no performance parts, please please please... can someone with better knowledge clarify why they would decline me when it should make it cheaper!! Ty Jordan"

How do I get free insurance until I can get my health back so I can work again to pay for insurance?

How do I get free insurance until I can get my health back so I can work again to pay for insurance?

How bad would insurance be on a 2000 mustang gt?

i am about get a mustang gt if i can convince my parents that insurance wont be extremly bad i know it will be high but could some ppl give me there insurace rates on a 2000 mustang gt or around what it should be just tryint to get an idea

Is it illegal to drive without car insurance?

Hi, i was just wondering if it is illegal to drive without car insurance in Ontario, Canada."

What is the average monthly insurance payment on a BMW 1998 323is 3 series coupe?

I'm wanting a buy 1998 323is 3 series coupe with 140,xxx miles on it for only $2,900. It's in amazing condition inside and out. My daily commute is only about 4 miles total more"

I need help with sending to cancelled auto insurance policies stating we have new companies and lower rates.?

Its an auto insurance company trying to win back cancelled policies.

How much would car insurance be on a BMW M car?

BMW M3 or M6 Convertible I have no tickets Location: South Orange County, CA"

What is a good life insurance?

Does anyone know a good life insurance that they would recommend? and would you recommened term or whole?

Anyone have an idea about Car Insurance Rates?

Anyone have an idea of car insurance rates in Texas on a camaro for a 16 year old female beginner driver??

Speeding tickets and insurance?

If I just got a ticket for speeding today and would like to take it to court, will it appear on my insurance statements right away or do I actually have to be found guilty and THEN it will appear on the statements?"

"Car insurance for me is too expensive in the UK, can I buy it abroad?"

I'm 18 and recently passed my test. For a basic 1L car the cheapest insurance I can find is 3000. I've been looking for 3 weeks and it's the best quote I could find. I cannot afford this so would it be possible to buy insurance from another country in the EU, since i've heard insurance is cheaper over there? I know insurance for teens is very expensive, but that sum is a ridiculous amount to pay for a car worth half the insurance value. I realise it might sound like a stupid question but I have exhausted all my other options and this is the only thing left I could think of that would be a possibility. Any useful information would be helpful, thanks."

Got myself a little old ford fiesta 1100 i am over 25 learner driver which is the cheapest insurance firm.?

Got myself a little old ford fiesta 1100 i am over 25 learner driver which is the cheapest insurance firm.?

"Confused about car insurance...stacked, unstacked??

i am looking up car insurance quotes online and for Uninsured Motorists Bodily Injury Option there is a stacked option and a unstacked option. Does anyone know what this means? What the diff is? This is for PA

My license was suspended and I want to buy a new car. Will my insurance company still let me keep my policy?

I have had my license suspended due to accumulating 12 pts on my driving record (maryland). I did however get permission to drive to work. I have been planning to buy a new car now and I really don't want this to prevent that. However, my insurance rates haven't gone up due to the suspended license atleast yet. If I buy a new car, other than the type of coverage, will my insurance go up because of the suspended license or will that even still keep me on the policy. Any help will be great."

Is there cheap car insurance for parents that have kids with disablities?

Is there cheap car insurance for parents that have kids with disablities?

Get Cheap insurance quotes in Florence CO 81290

Get Cheap insurance quotes in Florence CO 81290

BEST ANSWER:  I might suggest that you visit this site where one can compare rates from different companies:

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